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Open Angel Forum Colorado

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Last night we had the privilege of joining five other aspiring companies along with twenty super angel investors at the Open Angel Forum’s 2nd event in Boulder, CO.  Our friends at TeamSnap did a nice job summarizing why this is a special event and ColoradoTechTV published a very well done video that captures the ethos of the gathering

A brain child of Jason Calacanis, he and David Cohen made it clear to us and our colleagues that the objective of the OAF event was to bring together serious entrepreneurs with active angel investors in a casual and intimate setting. In fact, we were one of five from one hundred applications that were selected for review – an accomplishment in and of itself from our perspective.

Unlike other events where Angel’s and VC’s charge young companies to present their solutions, Jason came up with a sponsor-subsidized model that covers event expenses. This fairness to us and others presenting plus the rule to only allow active investors makes OAF the best event we’ve attended since we started two years ago. Thanks again to Jason, David, and Brad for inviting us and for the kind treatment!

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February 4th, 2010 at 4:55 pm

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Who We Like Online and Why: October Edition

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Here's what we like online these days

Here's what we like online these days

We’ve had an exciting month here at FaceFile – we launched our Guest Blogger initiative and are delighted to welcome Beckie Mostello (@techtalkformoms) E. Foley (@geeksdreamgirl) and Nic White (@mybottlesup) to the FaceFile blog. We have been following them for awhile on Twitter as well as reading their own blogs and are excited for their contributions to ours. Interested in being a guest blogger for us? We’re looking for voices who can speak towards:

  • Safety issues for families, real estate professionals and other service providers
  • Online safety for kids, teens and adults alike
  • Tech advancements that make our lives safer and easier
  • (we’re all about safety!)

Leave a blog comment with your interest (be sure to include your email address) and we’ll have our Content Manager get back with you to explore adding you to the FaceFile family!

Each month, we’re shunning “Follow Friday” on Twitter and instead, telling you in one post who we like online and why. Here are our picks for October – have a look at their content and see if they can lend as much value to your life as they add to ours!

Amy Lupold Bair - @ResourcefulMommy

We love that her posts are always “lending value.” Not about what’s in it for HER but rather for her readers. A great blog to have in your RSS reader if you’re pressed for time and looking for the best of the “resourceful best” on the web, especially giveaways and freebies.

Shari at Baby Banz USA@babybanz

Sunblock and UV protection for kids. We love it. Always a fun series of Tweets in her stream and she’s about sharing and helping. We love that she ReTweets a lot of other people’s content and you can always rely on her for quality links, great info and an upbeat personality.

Kevin Boulas/Spiral Marketing@irant

Want to know what’s going on in the world of non-profits? Kevin has his finger on the pulse and consistently shares events (both local to Denver and nationwide) benefiting charity. The host of Denver’s #rabbleforacause, he puts together monthly events that benefit a different non-profit each month. Always ReTweets a lot of good content and throws a keen sense of humor into the mix as well.

The Mom Blog at the OC Register – @themomblog

If you’re in Southern California and a parent, this should go in your RSS reader today. We follow the blog for its consistently upbeat voice and an informative Twitter stream. Another consistent ReTweeter who shares cool content from other followers – we just love it when we can focus on our audience and get great content from across the web from those we follow in one click.

Written by Rob Wilcox

October 23rd, 2009 at 12:24 pm

Who We Like on the Web and Why: September 2009

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Here's what we link online these days

Here's what we link online these days

We’re on Twitter, we’ve launched our Facebook page. Sure, we’ll give you links to those in a minute, but every day, our team is on the lookout for the best on the web when it comes to:

  • Things we enjoy reading
  • Sites our families like to visit
  • Bloggers we think “get it.”

None of the links below are paid. We’re pretty sure they have no idea we’re mentioning them. But when it comes to online content for families, parents and the web at-large, they get it. And FaceFile thanks you for “getting it!” We’re looking to improve our site, grow our readership, and establish a sense of community for our visitors, customers and readers. These are the people who show us how to do it:

@crocs – Well, Rob’s wife loves them. Rob even owns a pair now, too. We love that fact that they interact with their online audience, monitor their brand, and have a sense of humor. After all, not everyone’s going to love your product, but you can listen to the conversations like they do and laugh! www.crocs.com

@dadgonemad – We read this blog every day. While the language isn’t for the faint of heart, this is one dad that has a sense of who he is, daily struggles and, well, a great sense of humor to go along with it all. He speaks with parents, not “to” them, and we often hear Rob walking around the office quoting lines from this blog. www.dadgonemad.com

@mashable & @techcrunch – They’re at the forefront of social media and tech news and they keep our entire team on our toes. We have frequent and lively discussions in the conference room on a regular basis because of their articles. If you’re not following them on Twitter and adding their blogs to your RSS reader, well – your loss! There’s news in both for parents, tech enthusiasts and just folks like us who are trying to build a better product. www.mashable.com & www.techcrunch.com

@wiredmoms – Even if you’re a dad, this blog always has great tech content for parents. They have powerful and timely information on internet safety, cell phone safety and regularly review and rate various products. We like it when sites we trust do the legwork for us. www.wiredmoms.com

Written by FaceFile Safety Team

October 8th, 2009 at 11:30 am

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