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Online Dating Safety: Posting Your Pictures – Pros & Cons

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What should you consider when posting pictures to an online dating profile?

What should you consider when posting pictures to an online dating profile?

One safety concern of many online daters is the profile picture.  After all, once it’s up there on your dating site, everyone knows what you look like!  It won’t be long until they’re following you around town with a camera and erecting a creepy shrine in your honor… right?

Not really.  Let’s look at the pros and cons of posting a photo:


  • Profiles with photos get exponentially more attention than those without photos.  Most dating sites allow people to exclude profiles with no photos from search.  If you have no photo, chances are, nobody’s finding your profile.
  • Photos allow people to see if you’re their type before emailing you.  You might claim that you’re not that shallow, but everyone has at least a baseline value of what an acceptable looking person is when it comes to dating.
  • With a photo up, you know that people emailing you are interested in YOU, not just interested in getting a photo of you and then deciding if they are interested.


  • Your photo is up on the internet.  It could go anywhere from there.  (In reality, it probably won’t.)
  • Ladies especially run the risk of becoming the object of affection of a guy they are totally not interested in.  (Luckily every site has a block feature!)
  • Your coworkers, family members, clients, or students may find your profile, and with your picture on it, there’s no doubt it’s yours.  (I did online dating most of the time I was a high school teacher, and was never outed by a student or former student.  I did find fellow teachers, though.)

It is possible to survive online dating without a photo, but the benefits of posting a photo really outweigh the risks.  If your profile and photos maintain a certain level of class, there’s no danger in having them online.

Written by E. Foley

October 27th, 2009 at 10:06 am

Online Dating Safety: Writing an Informative but Safe Dating Profile

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Welcome E. (@GeeksDreamGirl) to the Face File Blog! E. is an expert in online dating safety and works with online daters nationwide to craft safe and expressive online dating profiles. Visit her at www.geeksdreamgirl.com or www.onlinedatingprofiler.com

Start with safety when dating online

Start with safety when dating online

It seems like online dating services are asking more and more questions these days.  In the early days, you got a big blank space to write your piece, but now they want to know your favorite hotspots in town, where you can be found on a Friday night… I mean, prime stalker material, isn’t it?  And speaking as someone who once had a stalker (ironically enough, in the days before I started online dating), it’s not fun having to look over your shoulder everywhere you go.

You might be wondering how you can express yourself and be unique and attractive without spilling all the beans about your life.  You run on the West Orange Trail every Saturday morning, you work as a manager at a mom and pop store, you love going swing dancing at the Whirl n’Twirl.  These things are great, but any of the three could easily tell a crazy person where to find you.

The key here is to be vague without being vague.  It would be boring if you watered those facts about you down to: “I run, dance, and manage a store.”  Yawn.   But what about something like this?

“Managing a retail store can get pretty stressful, but I’m lucky that I’m one of the few people in retail with regular days off.  Since my body still wakes me up regardless of whether I have to punch in at work, I lace up my sneakers and go for a run with my dog, Tucker.  In the evenings, I turn back time and practice dancing from an earlier era.  Sure, it’s “old-fashioned,” but it is definitely a lot of fun!”

Be vague without being vague.  Be specific without being specific.  Write about the actions and feelings surrounding what you do rather than the places.  It’s a little trickier, but it will keep you safer in the end.

Written by E. Foley

October 15th, 2009 at 9:48 am